Lindsay Smith


I found early in my career that by blending curiosity, enthusiasm and a sharing of my values resulted in  a career that has enriched my life, and the lives of the families I have been fortunate to meet on my journey.  What began as a profession quickly became a way of connecting and working alongside people at times as a consultant and other times as a trusted friend. It quickly became clear to me that Real Estate was an exciting blend of business and intuitive skills. 

Over the past 3 decades, I have been blessed with the opportunity to help  guide people  through all of the transitions life can offer: helping a young family when their first baby comes along, holding hands as adult children deal with elderly parents housing needs, and assisting retiring couples moving to a sunny destination. 

The passion I bring to work each day is the same passion I express when cycling in the Himalayas,  creating a French feast for a fundraising dinner or getting lost in the rhythm of a jazz concert. 

As a real estate broker I have been recognized as a leader by my peers with over 1,000 clients who to this day refer my team and I to their family and friends. 

I have been fortunate to be able to invest my skills from business helping local not-for-profit organizations and to sit as a member of a judicial tribunal for the past 9 years. One of the fondest memories is of being part of a team that merged 2 not-for-profit medical facilities creating one of Durham Regions leading health hubs. 

Having the ability to work with both my business partner and soul-mate, Wendy Starr, reminds me how love and business can dovetail so beautifully.  One of my favorite quotes is, “I deal in relationships, they just happen to have brick and mortar involved.”

Wendy Leigh Starr

Sales Representative, Accredited Buyer Representative

Love, kindness, and connection are woven throughout my personal and professional life.  When they are in my heart, it enables me to build trusting relationships and the resulting outcomes are always better.  I care very deeply how we treat our clients and how they feel long after our work together is completed. 

Real estate gets my creative juices flowing.  I love visualizing potential, maximizing the value for homes we list, and structuring contracts to serve our clients.  

Learning excites me and I take every opportunity to attend conferences, workshops, and classes to help me hone my skills. 

We also care about our community and helping others.  As a way of giving back we donate a portion of our commission to local non-profits or the charity of the client’s choice.  Since launching this program in December 2018, we have donated over $60,000 to local non-profits. 

Outside of work I am passionate about travel, reading, music, and gardening. 

Real estate has given me the opportunity to attract many wonderful people into my life.  One of whom is Lindsay Smith, my business and life partner. I am grateful every day that I have the joy of working, traveling, and enjoying life with Lindsay.

About Kristen Gonsalves

Buyer's Agent

Some of the biggest lessons I have learned in life is to bring passion to everything you do, keep your values at the centre of your goals, decisions, and actions, and give to others what they need and want. These are the lessons that I enthusiastically keep in focus when working with our clients in real estate, and really in every area of my life.

For me, being a real estate salesperson means building strong relationships with my clients, and being, if you will, a tour guide on the adventure to finding your new home where the next chapters of your life will unfold. It is one of the most exhilarating experiences that I am blessed to have; being there with our clients to close the door on the previous chapter and jump into this brand new one! And the highlight of the journey? Making this experience as comfortable, enjoyable, and special as possible.

When I am not working, you can find me outside hiking with my loveable puppies, in the gym, spending time with the people I love, or on a yoga mat reading a great book, with a glass of wine, throwing in a stretch here and there. There is a good chance that if you check my bag, I always have a book in there, one on every table, because lifelong learning is something I have great commitment to.

To be honest, you can probably also find me sharing a meal with any of the fantastic people I have met along the way in a local spot, painting walls, rearranging furniture at a friend’s house, or planning my next road trip to explore this gorgeous country.

About Danielle


With over 20 years of Administration and Customer Service experience, Danielle is obsessed with making each client feel as if they are our only client.  As Buy Sell Love Durham's Administrator, Danielle does more then just answer emails and push the pen around.  Danielle’s kind and caring approach to our clientele helps every aspect of the transaction run smoothly.

In Danielle’s off time you can find her volunteering for her son’s many extracurricular activities, raising money for Sick Kid's Hospital via her motorcycle riding and enjoying the great outdoors.